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Home Physiotherapy

home physiotherapy

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy:

Recover at the comfort of your home.


One to one personalised attention.

Customised therapy plan.

Exercises designed based on unique home setting.


No travelling required, save on cost of transport.


Assessment of functional capability required for home and its surroundings.

Home Based Physiotherapy, who is it for?

Home Physiotherapy is suitable for the following patient groups:

- Patients with vertigo confirmed by medical doctor.

- Patients who have declined functionally due to prolonged hospitalisation or bed rest.

- Patients with difficulty walking after a stroke.

- Patients in pain and have difficulty commuting after surgery such as Total Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Spinal Operation, Abdominal surgery etc.

- Patients with low immunity (cancer, organ transplant) where unnecessary exposure when travelling to a clinic is of concern. 

- Patients working from home and who prefer to have home-based therapy.

Why Choose Us?

Short Wait Time


Advance Physiotherapy Skills

Trusted by Specialists

Customised Training Program


Contact us for a free, no obligation care consultation.

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